Renato Sobral Thinks That He Can Defeat Chael Sonnen Very Easily

Metamoris, the Jiu Jitsu promotion based in Brazil did not get much attention from fight fans for quite a while now but it will become the centre of attention of the fight fans soon because the 37 years old American retired mixed martial artist Chael Sonnen will take on the 39 years old Brazilian retired mixed martial artist, Renato Sobral in the upcoming edition of Metamoris. Chael Sonnen has fought Renato Sobral once before in UFC 55. The Metamoris VI fight between Sonnen and Sobral will be a rematch of their UFC 55 bout. Chael Sonnen lost the UFC 55 match and in Metamoris VI he will definitely be aiming at taking revenge for that match.

Sonnen has also lost a match to Andre Galvao. Galvao put Sonnen under a rear naked choke and subsequently won. It is a well known fact that Andre Galvao is a far better fighter than Renato Sobral but Sobral still thinks that as a fighter, Sonnen is below his level and thus he will be able to defeat Sonnen easily. Renato Sobral has lost a match to Tom De Blass not too long ago. He said that Galvao is one of the best grapplers in the world today and he indeed defeated Sonnen in a magnificent manner in Metamoris 4. Sobral expected Sonnen to lose and therefore the match result was not at all surprising to him. Read more »

Jujutsu – Japanese Martial Art

Jujutsu, the Japanese form of martial art, is a close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon. This form of the art first began  during the Sengoku period of the Muromachi period combining various Japanese martial arts which were used on the battlefield for close combat in situations where weapons were inefficient.

Japanese jujutsu systems typically emphasis more on throwing, immobilizing and pinning, joint-locking, choking, and strangling techniques as compared with other martial arts systems such as karate. In this format, practitioners train in the use of many potentially fatal moves. However, because students mostly train in a non-competitive environment, risk is minimized. Read more »

Bruno Bastos Association continue dominance of Jiu Jutsu

The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation organized the Dallas open recently. It was swept by the Bruno Bastos Association. The fighters put in their best efforts to clinch the title for the fourth consecutive time. The star members of the team are GMA Bastos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Midland under Bruno Bastos himself and GMA Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the veteran Daniel Alvarez himself. The other members of the academy also put in their best efforts. It was a complete team work from them. Over the years they have practices together and the results of the same came out only recently. The fighters seemed to be very happy at their achievement but they are hungry for even more.

The success of this team has aroused the interest of many. Each person was looking forward to the opportunity to prove themselves and at crucial junctures in the tournament there were several performances that caught the eyes of many. Bruno Bastos himself seemed very happy with the composure of his team. He felt that the athletes of his academy were putting the right foot forward. The academy boasts of several national and international stars already. The exposure that the newbie are getting because of that is coming in handy for sure. The instructors associated with the academy are famous all over the world. Moreover the infrastructural benefits that are provided by the academy have proved very beneficial. The crowd love to see them in action and they have not been disappointed as of yet. The most heartwarming part about the team is the immense pride that they take in each other’s game. A lot of importance is given to the mental and physical conditioning of the players. The diet and physical training have proved extremely beneficial as of now.

Kung Fu

Kung fu is a word that has been phonetically “borrowed” from the Chinese vocabulary in English to describe Chinese Martial Arts. However the literal meaning of Kung Fu would be working or achievement intensity. Kung Fu thus means a technical fighting skill that was brought into existence by the necessity of self-defence, military training and lastly hunting. The Chinese martial arts may have originated during the legendary and semi-mythical Xia Dynasty which was more than 4000 years ago. The Yellow Emperor Huangdi had inducted the Chinese martial arts into regular practice.

The Spring and Autumn Annals, dating back to the 5th century BC contain the very first, reliable mention of Kung Fu. This mentions hand to hand combat theories that have been categorized into “hard” and “soft” techniques. This combat system is mentioned in the Classic of Rites and includes throws, joint locks, strikes, pressure point attacks etc. The Poems dating back to the Tang Dynasty have immortalized the picture of sword dances. However the modern concept of Wushu can only be attributed to the Ming and the Qing Dynasties.

It has been evident over the ages that the social structure and the Chinese society as a whole has been shaped to a great extent by the ideas associated with the many different forms of Kung Fu. The very foundation of any Chinese martial art is the Basics; these are made up of the rudimentary techniques of stances and other conditioning exercises. This aims at making the body agile and strong at the same time for throwing, striking, restraining and grappling. It strengthens both the Internal and external aspects of the student. The most intriguing is the concept of Qi, which is regarded as the internal energy or “life force”. Many styles emphasize on focussing Qi to one point while striking to bring about maximum impact.

Haye Might Get Back

Haye’s fans would be delighted to know that their favorite fighter is making plans to resume fighting- David Haye has expressed keen desire to get back on the ring if his shoulder allows.

However, the erstwhile WBA heavyweight champ, who is also known as ”The Hayemaker” has noted that his shoulder is far from recovery at present- but he is waiting eagerly for a strong fight like the by-gone days.

It was his shoulder surgery that led the famous English fighter to cancel his match against Tyson Fury one again. The need for the surgery sprang up suddenly and the sever condition of the champion’s shoulder has posed questions on his career. In fact, there have been rumors that The Hayemaker is done with his boxing career and is forced to take an untimely retirement given his critical shoulder status.

“If I am able to get the shoulder back again to throw my patent Hayemaker style, I will be ready to move by 80-85 percent”, said Haye. “I believe that 80% of my hand is equivalent to 110% of that of the other fighters.”

“At present, my shoulder is just 4% fit & with this 4 percent of fitness I cannot even think of punching anybody. I do not know about boxing & you can’t know till the rehab is complete”, stressed Haye. “You will be able to get either a 100% yes or a 100% no- however, the answer could be entirely different within a 6 months time.”

Haye was unable to fight for almost 2 years now, since 2012 July, when the champion knocked out Chisora (Dereck). He got himself involved into a press scuffle with Tyson Fury that resulted in a fight scheduled for 28th September, which was further postponed to 1st quarter of 2014.

Power vs. Power in Martial Arts

I have heard many people asking whether in martial arts it is possible and also advisable to strike back with power once you have been hit with the same power. For instance, if one participant gets punched with a powerful hit, what chances he or she has to be successful in punching back with the same power? The thing is that it is possible to apply a counter punch of the same power in order to hit back successfully.

However, there are some things that you need to know of prior to punching back. Here they are:

* When at first the attacker punches you in the face, you will be tempted to respond with the same manner: punch back in his or her face. But this is not a way to go, because it can all go down to surviving the beating and this is not what martial arts are after.

* Also it is not recommended to punch back at the same time because there could be two forces knocking at each other leading to undesired injuries, such as crashed knuckles that leave you both unable to continue the fight.

* Another thing to keep in mind is to try and avoid the contact of the punch. Since there is no rule to obey to in this situation, you can easily try and avoid the punch whenever this is possible. But if you have a power punch that is perfected you can consider using it as counter punch. This can be done as follow:

- Use the step-to-the-side move or you can deflect the punch of the attacker and launch instead a hit in one of his or her vulnerable area.

- Use the power punching through or over the opponent’s punch. This is again part of the deflection move and is not similar to force against force motion.

- Consider keeping a safe distance from the opponent attack area because you can have a better perspective of their future moves or intentions of moves. This will enable you view better any opening that is favorable for your next hit.

- While you are staying a little bit out of range, you can have move your body in a rhythmical way and using the counter mid-beat when a clean opening is found for the punch.